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In May 1918, General Elles and Colonel Fuller advocated the introduction of a black beret, which was officially approved by King George V on 5 March 1924. In the British Army, it remains the exclusive head-dress of The Royal Tank Regiment, with the sole exception of the Westminster Dragoons Squadron of the Royal Yeomanry.

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 · Norfolk Yeomanry Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers and Royal Signals. Recent Books by Forum Members ... He was a red beret Officer during WW2 and being new into the Yeomanry ..his name was Major Michael Marsh MC (OC A Sqn LYPAO from 1949) ..... and his uniform had the white on black titles sewn onto them. Some lucky collector has them now.

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Regimental Sergeant Major, Rank Badge W01 (bullion, colour on navy) (11.5 x 10cm) £38.00. Details. Regimental Sergeant Major, Colour Badge for Foot Guard (bullion, colour on red) (14 x 16cm) £75.00. Details. Regimental Sergeant Major, Rank Badge for Foot Guard (bullion, colour on Khaki for No.2 Dress padded) (13 x 16cm) £33.00. Details.

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 · The badges are distinctive symbols or emblems used to visually identify a military organization and foster the pride and continuity necessary for operational effectiveness. Badge. Canadian Forces. Canadian Forces. Official lineages. Crown copyright. Navy Army Air Force Special Ops Commands and Branches Formations and Units.

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 · Royal Air Force: The advice from the Recruit Training Squadron at RAF Halton is similar to that of the Royal Marines with the black band of the beret following the form, sitting 2.5 cm point above the eyebrows. All "surplus material must be pulled down over the right ear and the badge clearly displayed in a position directly above the left eye.

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 · Royal Artillery 'Volunteers' cap badge, Kings Crown, brass, on slider, rotating wheel. An old style field-gun upon the Royal Artillery motto scroll with the crown resting upon a laurel spray instead of the "Ubique" motto. £55.00. Enquire about this item.

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 · Gallery of Canadian Forces badges. The badges are distinctive symbols or emblems used to visually identify a military organization and foster the pride and continuity necessary for operational effectiveness. Badge.

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 · Each individual cap badge is a marvellous representation of the real thing, and whilst there is some simplification of detail, it in no way detracts from the shape and form of the different badges. The 8 regiments included are: Royal Marines (RMASG) Royal Tank Regiment Northamptonshire Yeomanry Staffordshire Yeomanry

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 · Canadian WW2 Women's Voluntary Services badge. This is the 'deluxe' type which is quite hard to find. Design and workmanship are excellent. Enamels undamaged. Silver gilt. Marked 'Sterling' and another (unknown) mark. …

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British Army Regimental cap, beret and tartan badge backings for sale. Many British military units wear coloured cloth backings behind their cap and beret badges. These are in colours based on regimental traditions, some use tartan badge backings, sometimes ribbon and sometimes hessian or Melton cloth. Melton cloth looks like felt, but is a high...

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 · RWxY Badges & Insignia. The RWxY was issued with new cap/beret badges to replace the old squadron badges on 5 July 2014. The other ranks version is in a black and bright metal finish, officers is embroidered. Not sure if the OR's version is painted staybrite or metal - looks like metal to me. Interestingly, in March 2014, the Army Dress ...

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 · The beret, over time attained a near 'elite' status, as it was subsequently adopted by other 'specialist' branches of the Service, notably airborne troops, SAS, Army and Royal Marine Commandos. This example was worn by James Foster, who served during the Second World War with the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry.

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 · The Royal Warwickshire Regiment, formerly the 6th Foot, is one of the oldest regiments in the British Army. Its Badge is the antelope, worn on the headdress and also borne in the center of the Regimental Colour, which also bears the 16 Honours gained prior to 1914.

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The Cap Badge of the 33rd Regiment was the crest of the Duke of Wellington's insignia (Wellesley Family Crest & Motto); A Lion Rampant, carrying a Banner Unfurled, within a crown, below which is a crest bearing the words 'Virtutis Fortuna Comes' – which correctly translates as ' Fortune is the companion of Valour'.

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 · Hi Chris, Just a though on the cap badges. I think it would be a good idea to do them by Division and/or Brigade. For example - Guards Armoured could include all 5 Foot Guards Regiments, useable both as infantry and armoured, plus the Cavalery, Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Royal Corps of Signals etc, etc.

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 · 172 Field Regiment RA. Badge produced locally from a design by C.O. of 172 Field to commemorate 155 Battery fighting to the last man at Beja on 26 Feb 43. Less than 200 made, it was worn on either the right breast above the pocket of the Battledress Blouse or on the right arm below the 46 Division badge.

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Regimental roles are also reflected by types of weapon or equipment. The badge of the Royal Pioneer Corps, for example, displays the unit's traditional tools of the trade: the rifle, shovel and pick. And lancer regiments often feature lances on their insignia. View this object. Cap badge, Pioneer Corps, 1943.

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 · A large collection of Scottish Regimental cap badges mounted by regiment, each card covering various years of the regiment's history - double click image to see picture file - this has been an old collection, almost a shame to break up, nicely mounted on green card, these cards were all stored in an old wooden chest which I will be listing shotly, the chest is named to …

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Regimental Cap Badges. Filter by: Price Regiment. Price. North Irish Horse. 11th Hussars. 13th/18th Hussars. 15th / 19th The Kings Royal Hussars. 16th Lancers.

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The Royal Yeomanry shoulder titles are worn in No.2 dress. The Royal blue beret and the green square patch. Third issued pattern 2012 Beret & SD Cap badge with slider. Second issued pattern 2010 Beret badge, loops N/S. First pattern 2006 NSN 5-6376 Approved 15/09/2006. Now obsolete Beret Badge, loops N/S. Royal Yeomanry Insignia

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Gordon Highlanders. £9.00. Details. Yorkshire Regiment, Cap and Beret Badge (silver plate and gilt) £12.00. Details. Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire (metal) £7.00. Details.

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 · REGIMENTAL SERGEANT MAJOR & QUARTERMASTER SERGEANT . 1953 TO 1963 (ref: DCI(RN)428 1965) ... SBS BERET BADGE : SBS COMBAT DRESS . RMA (ref: AFO 192 1916) and (RM Circular 1923) RMA OFFICER . 1921 TO 1923 ... Badges Royal Marines Cap Badges Author: jwilson

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Regimental Ties, Badges and Gifts If you have any questions about the ties, badges and clothing we stock please call us on 01305 264066. Devonshire and Dorset Cap Badge

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On the formation of the East Anglian Brigade in 1958, the Britannia button of the Royal Norfolk Regiment was adopted by all Regiments of the Brigade. When the Royal Anglian Regiment was formed in 1964 a star pattern button, the same as the cap badge, was introduced and worn. This was replaced by the Tiger button in 1970 to commemorate the Royal ...